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PREPARE/ENRICH is a relationship education and counselling tool used by counsellors, psychologists, clergy, social workers and others who work with couples. Couples are taken through the program, typically run over a number of sessions, by a facilitator. An inventory is completed by both individuals in which they each respond to questions and statements about various aspects of their relationship. 

It is often used for pre-marital couples in a relationship education context. Marriage is perhaps the most complex of human relationships.  The process of joining two people in a relationship which is intended to last for a lifetime can involve great effort.  Unfortunately, too often couples are not equipped to deal with the challenges they face in marriage.  Going through the PREPARE/ENRICH program in the lead up to marriage can strengthen the foundation of a couple relationship by helping them identify not only the areas they are strong in, but also the areas that they may struggle in and give them skills in relating in a healthy way.  As a counselling tool it gives extensive information about the couple. Couples are able to get an understanding of their relationship dynamics and insight to their own and their partners behaviours and beliefs.

Using a systemic approach, PREPARE/ENRICH seeks to give the couple an understanding of where the strength and growth areas are in their relationship by exploring the many influences on them as a couple. These include family of origin, personality, financial management, leisure activities, family & friends, spiritual beliefs, sex and intimacy, in addition to the interpersonal areas such as communication and conflict resolution. PREPARE/ENRICH is suitable for any couple due to its ability to customise to the unique relationship of each couple. There are potentially hundreds of versions and the version a couple completes is determined by initial questions answered by the facilitator as he/she sets them up and the couple when they first begin the inventory.

Couples overwhelmingly find the experience of going through the program as fun, insightful and rewarding. 

PREPARE/ENRICH is a very well-respected program which is evidence based and proven to improve how couples relate to one another. The norms are based on thousands of couples and can be applied across cultures. The program has been used Australia since 1980.

Jconnect manager Michelle is a certified facilitator of PREPARE/ENRICH and is excited to work with couples who are interested in taking their marriage education to the next level.  For more information and pricing please email Michelle.


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